Our Story

Brightspace was born out of a life-changing experience for the founder, Helen Banks, who had pursued a successful, global corporate career for many years. 

Helen discovered mindfulness ten years ago as she recovered from long-term, severe illness.  Despite physical recovery, she felt less confident and unable to enjoy life to the full. She started practising mindfulness after attending an 8 week course and began to see significant benefits.

Helen decided to retrain in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at Oxford University, where she also completed further training in Mindfulness in the Workplace.  She formed Brightspace to help others enrich their lives, become more resilient and release their creativity and potential.  She has since also qualified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) to respond to the need for adolescents to manage stress & anxiety and develop resilience.

Helen is enthusiastic about supporting both individuals and workplace teams to thrive in a healthy, productive manner. Her teaching style is warm and engaging, blending professional training, corporate experience and personal breakthrough. 

“Mindfulness helped me to notice those subtle, unhelpful thoughts that drive our behaviour and emotions - and gave me the choice whether to believe them!  I now respond more wisely to stress and anxiety, rather than reacting and making things worse.  Mindfulness has also helped me gain focus, improved my creativity and helped me with chronic pain”.

Helen has held board positions in a number of global corporations and has experienced first-hand the pressures of corporate life. Like many, she juggles childcare, work and voluntary commitments.


Brightspace Consulting

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